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    Seniors Coach Tours is part of the Young At Heart group of companies with over 23 years of providing great value holidays for the mature age traveller. Our dedicated and friendly staff are committed to imparting the most attentive and professional service possible, so that your great experience begins with the first telephone call or visit to the office and continues to the very end of your tour.

    Our highly credentialed and motivated planning team leaves no stone unturned to create a range of innovative and value packed holidays specifically suited to the 60 plus traveller. Itineraries have been designed to maximise sightseeing opportunities, balanced with the need to offer an easy paced holiday.
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    Your Seniors Holiday Travel Specialist is an experienced travel agent and we make our living as a result of working on travel and our team knows and understands all of the many small and what some may think are the minor idiosyncrasies of all steps of the process, from initial planning to when and where to go, and more importantly when and where NOT to go, and what not to do and say and why.

    Seniors Holiday Travel consultants are inspired by travel. They are capable of giving you first hand reviews of different countries, cities, hotels, travel companies, and even areas so you can get the best possible experience. They've been there and done that so they can tell you what's great about each country and help you decide on the best trip!
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